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2005: Top Searches

By on Dec 31, 2005 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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So what were the hottest things on search engines this year? Since I’m more of a Yahoo! guy, I’ll use the Yahoo! Buzz Index 2005 list, but you could also look at the Google Zeitgeist 2005 list.

And the verdict is this – Britney Spears wins (please, let a thunderbolt strike me dead)! Apart from the usual entertainers, I was surprised to see Cartoon Network on the list. The unfortunate tsunami, and all those hurricanes also made the cut. Talking about movies, Star Wars comes first while Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire barely makes it to the tenth spot. So lightsaber wins over Nimbus 2001 due to a time advantage. But I heard that Harry Potter grossed more than Star Wars in the box office. Guess that makes George Lucas feel like being Darth Beggar (no offence meant, Lukie boy!).

Check the rest of the gems out yourselves.

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