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…Welcome 2006!!!

By on Dec 31, 2005 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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Ah well, it’s a pretty sad moment, to age one year more with national level exams looming like a Damocles sword above my cranial cavity (i.e., brain).

O.K., here’s MORE bad news – the new year was delayed by a full 1 SECOND since the Earth’s rotation is slowing down, talk of the Earth speeding up after the 2004 Asian Tsunami notwithstanding. This is being called a leap second by authorities like Royal Greenwich Observatory that initiated this. So if you think time drags these days, you are right. Also, you were an idiot to start celebrating too soon. Did you know that ‘idiot’ comes from a Greek word which means ‘person who only thinks about himself, and not about the country’? Bet you didn’t, which just reinforces my point, you are an IDIOT.

It’s that time of the year when people make resolutions, so have I:

  1. Sleep less.
  2. Exercise more and diet to cut down the flab I’ve accumulated.
  3. Most importantly, don’t follow resolution 1 and 2, and do whatever I like. In fact, do the exact opposite of point 1 and 2.

Hope you have made yours, and are equally sad about being one MORE year closer to your inevitable death.

I won’t be able to write for the next few weeks regularly, till the end of March, so sorry for that. After that long March, I’ll be a tad tired so I won’t write then too. My birthday comes soon after so I’ll be celebrating, won’t be writing then. My exams follow, so won’t write then. Viewers can help keep the blog interesting by posting 100 comments per article per day, and then reading them.
Be nice to the other writers during my brief absence. I’ll drop in from time-to-time to frustrate you all.

Eleventh Commandment of the Bible: Don’t take anything written in this post seriously.

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