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Lot’s of Mozilla talk in the air, so why not get to know more about it?

Mozilla was how the Netscape programmers called themselves. Some of them got fed up of Netscape’s policies after it was acquired by AOL, so some of them broke away and formed their own foundation, Mozilla. Wonder how they got the name? Well, it owes its origins to the name of a comic monster in an ol movie.

By the way, if you are a Mozilla Firefox user (any version will do), just enter about:mozilla in the Location Bar and press Enter. You’ll find what’s called an easter egg in computer terminology, a little something that programmers add to their programs for fun. For the unfortunate folks still glued to Internet Explorer, it will show you some profound truths from The Book Of Mozilla. Note that an Internet connection is NOT required for this enlightment,

Moving on to software rivalry, enter the same thing (about:mozilla) in Internet Explorer to see the death screen. Har, har, Microsoft there’s nothing scary about that.

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