On A Whim

The Apocalypse

Aurora beamed across the night
Filling the sky with blinding light
The sun peeped out through the horizon
And all the birds chirped in unison
Waves lashed the Sandy shore
Children heard the Miner’s Roar
A chilly wind blew across the land
Blew but in the desert sand
A stranger with eyes so bright
Set the Minal Board right
A myth, a shadow was spoke of
And in the darkness sought of
A basilisk sat basking in the sun
Dragons did among the skies run
As cockerels crowed away
And creatures di knights slay
The strangers influence grew with power
He sat bounding on a sky high tower
The wizard wands met with a clash
And out to enemies his men did lash
Getting splattered on the blood filled bank
And as they ran their ship got sank
And to challenge duke there was no one
The Blood Skrewn Battle was Won

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