On A Whim

The preview of my book

Thw wind was howling over the great eastern sea.Christ Cameroon the discoverer sat in his cabin observing the storm. It was raining fishes and frogs.The rain didn’t seem to stop.It had been raining for more than two days now. The sky Pitch black lighted up now and then with a stroke of lightning. Suddenly there was………………………..

You gotta wait till i finish my book and find a publisher. the name’s Incarnation

part 1 of the Life Trilogy

1 reply on “The preview of my book”

Heard of blogishing, Rockie? If you don’t get a publisher you could do that, write small parts of a chapter one-by-one in different posts. Finalise the details with me if you do so. And in the end, you could publish a PDF of the whole thing hosted at my Internet Archive account (the copyright would stay with you).

Anyway, that apart, it certainly sounds interesting. Nice ploy to reveal a little only.

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