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National Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) 2006

The National Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) 2006 was conducted on 29 January 2006 by the Unified Council. Well, it does try to be a sort of an imposter by naming itself similar to the National Talent Search Examination conducted by NCERT, but it too is prestigious. I have noticed one thing about this olympiad; the biology, chemistry and general knowledge sections are easy but the physics and math section can be from higher classes and requires LOTS of calculation. Since you get 90 minutes to answer 100 MCQs, it’s better to go according to instinct and elimination rather than start solving everything. Actually, this exam is just a farce by the Brain Mapping Academy, the parent owner of Unified Council, who conduct this basically to sell their books. They would ask you to buy past years question papers and special Brain Mapping Academy books but believe me, I bought them last time and not a SINGLE question came from those. So you are better off preparing on your own. Just brush up the basic concepts and apply your knowledge to the application based questions that are asked. After all, it’s sponsored by Britannica India, and who doesn’t want a free Britannica CD.

One advice though, do take the Student Performance Report (SPR); it has useful analysis. Also, if you are participating on your own and you don’t get your admit card, contact them by email IMMEDIATELY since they don’t check it regularly. Once you get a reply, do print it out, it comes handy when you go to the exam centre. You could get to know your registration number on the phone (if they pick it up, that is), but you won’t have any supporting document to gain an entry on exam date then.

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