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Yahoo – Now a major setback to spam

By on Mar 16, 2006 in Tech Takes | 2 comments

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Next time you intend to send a mail through Yahoo, get ready for an intermediate step – word verification. It is such a basic, easy, simple and effective way to check spam, I wonder why it is being introduced so lately?
Although, it’ll now take you a minute more(or maybe less, depends upon your eyes) to have your mail reaching its destination, but this con can be well swallowed by the fact that its share of pros is much larger than its -ve’s. God bless Yahoo.


  1. Great Quizzard

    March 25, 2006

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    I’d like to differ there. :)
    You see, most of the spam that you’re getting, and choking your inbox is ‘spoofed’ mail, it ain’t coming from Yahoo! Mail accounts in most cases anyway. I’ll post an article on email spoofing soon.
    The extra step is just pure harassment for users. I bet that Yahoo! has done this to make people shift to their Plus package. They’ll do this later maybe, saying that the Plus user’s identity has been verified using credit card info’. So free account users will have a notification saying ‘Upgrade to Plus and bypass verification!’.

  2. Great Quizzard

    March 29, 2006

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    I think this post was made on the basis of speculative comments, because when I’m sending emails from my Yahoo! account, I don’t have to go through any verification yet. Are you sure Siddharth that you’ve to go through an image verification process?

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