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Am I back? Not sure

By on Mar 25, 2006 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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Regular visitors may be wondering, ‘Whatever happened to Great Quizzard?’. He was having exams, dear friends. Apart from that, he had a nasty OS crash and decided to shift to MandrakeLinux. And then guess what, it got even better. His motherboard started malfunctioning! After one harrowing month of calling up different customer care departments of different companies, each more reluctant than the previous one to honor their warranty clause, it’s al over (almost). Right now, I’m playing truant and not studying for my last exam, becuase I just couldn’t RESIST from logging in after so many days. See that other writers too were pretty busy with their exams, but I promise that we’ll be back with vengeance to make up for that. I’ve already thought of LOADS of articles, which are going to be published soon. A review of the CBSE Class X Board exam is on the cards. Since I’ve switched to Linux, the blog will be taking the ‘penguin plunge’ with our new pal, Tux. Apart from that, loads of tech reviews articles and miscellany coming your way. Watch this space for more.

Although I’ve got previous experience with Linux, to make it better guide for a begginer, I’ll start from (where else?) the beggining, and tell you all about it as a first-timer would see it. Windows users, don’t be disappointed, I’ll be telling you about how to get a hang of Linux before taking the plunge using bootable CDs.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks!

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