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The ‘X’ Files: A Review of the 2006 Class X CBSE Board Exams

By on Mar 29, 2006 in Reviews | 0 comments

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Finally, it feels so nice to be back! I was just itching to blog for so many days, plus my computer had problems, and I had to prepare for the CBSE Class X (2006) Board examinations too. Okay, okay, for rulebook addicts, that’s the All India Secondary School Examination 2006.

As they had said, this year’s papers were pretty easy in most cases. They lived up to that promise. So for the benefit of the future students of class X students, here’s my ‘review’. Highly personal, but that’s the kind of reaction that you sometime want to read. Do note though that I’m an A+++++++++ student, so my definition of what’s easy may differ from yours, but I’ll try to give the general reaction of the students too. Also, I’m talking about the Delhi set papers 2006. I’ll be giving my own board tips along the way too. Quite frankly though, this was the first school level exam I took very seriously; because I’m always studying way ahead of most students, and that doesn’t help in school exams. I may prepare many months in advance for a quiz or an olympiad, but for school exams, I start only maybe a week or two before, and that too not with the same gusto as for extra-curricular activities. That is, until three months before the Boards when I junked the other higher level books (not totally though) and tried to parrot out the prescribed ones. And to tell you, I was totally BORED by this exercise. Maybe they should spell it as ‘Bored exams’, or even better, rephrase them as ‘Boring exams’. Are you listening, Mr. Ashok Ganguly?

Another new rule introduced from this year was that we’d be given extra 15 minutes, apart from the usual time of 3 hours for answers, just to read the question paper. We weren’t allowed to write anything during this period. It really helped to plan out how to attempt the paper, and what the possible answers could be. In some centres I heard that some dimwit invigilators had allowed the students to write, but take my personal advice, don’t. Extra 15 minutes of writing won’t help, but proper planning surely will. In the end, you’ll gain more time by writing than by writing during that time.

So there, hope these help you. Also, I’d taken Spanish as an additional subject (third language), but I dropped it in tenth because it was stretching me too much. But I would really advise all to take Introductory Information Technology as an extra subject (I couldn’t take it since it was too late to change), because it’s really easy, just the basics of Internet, MS Office etc., and it’d replace your second language’s score if it’s higher.

What’s the answer to the gazillion dollar question (well, at least for me), ‘How much would I get overall?’. Well, I can’t say that, and I won’t shoot my mouth off on this topic and possibly embarrass myself later. Come back some time in June for the result. Till then, if you have any doubts, just add it to this post as a comment, and I’ll surely answer it (here).

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