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The Death Clock – When Am I Going To Die?

By on Mar 31, 2006 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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The Death Clock – When Am I Going To Die?

Just to ensure all readers that I’m totally crazy, I am now going to talk about a site that has already been featured in every nook and cranny of the Internet. And in case you’ve never heard of this site, then kudos, there are always openings for more writers on this blog, with a similar mental outlook to mine.

It’s the Death Clock. Not a very scientific thing, just ‘Internet’s friendly reminder that time is slipping away’. Very simple, you go to the site, enter some details like your date of birth and that’s it! It will display how much time you have left to live, in seconds. There are different modes too, like normal, optimistic, pessimistic and sadistic for the ‘prediction’, but trust me, all will be depressing. Now to prove my craziness, I can tell you that I liked ALL the predictions. Loads of time to win my Nobel Prize in all scenarios.

Obviously, after digging deep into the site that the last time it was updated was sometime in 2003 or 2004, going by the posts or the polls. The creator seemed enthusiastic about the whole idea a few years ago, but now seems to care only for the checks from Google AdSense for the advertisements, like he says for his supply of ‘Pepsi One and video games’. I could sure do with a bit of more sarcastic, and sadistic posts. I like his style. And if you go to the contact page (you’ll need to figure it out, all the links have ominous titles), you’ll find that the creator is almost contemptuous in his disregard of updating the site.

In case you didn’t like this link because you got a deficit of time to live (or you’re the creator of the site) and would want to hear bad news about me, you can view my date of death.

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