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Apple Unveils Software to Run Windows XP – Yahoo! News

By on Apr 6, 2006 in Stop The Press, Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Apple Unveils Software to Run Windows XP – Yahoo! News

Boohoo, now even more innocents will get massacred at the hands of Windows. Apple has announced that it will allow Windows to run on its Intel-based Macs. Are they out of their mind? This could very well be the end of their business. For although iPods are popular, they constitute only about a third of Apples profits; computers are their mainstay. With the barrier broken down, who will use their Mac OS? And anyway it’s Macs are costlier than normal PCs, who will buy them? The fact of its exclusivity, and the bragging rights for being a Mac owner will be gone. With that, another part-UNIX based system will go on to the Evil (Microsoft) Empire. I know Bill G and Steve J were chums earlier, but this step is technological and financial harakiri.

A reminder though, this will only result in lower market share for Mac OS. Linux has a bigger share, and I foresee that Apple will dump their software after a few years, or even worse, sell it to Microsoft and switch completely to Windows. Then, they’ll have to reduce the prices of their Macs (=less profit). The only thing that’ll distinguish them from their competitors will be the jaw-dropping design of the Macs themselves. And the remnants of the Mac OS will probably be turned into something like Linux, community-supported and free.

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