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Back to school

By on Apr 11, 2006 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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Unfortunately friends it’s time to go back to school, after all these days of loafing around and a lot of posting. I wish I could have had some more time to blog, since I had planned to post MANY more articles. That seems a bit improbable now, since in my final two years of high school, I really need to start studying, and hard, to become something in life. I will be around, giving you insights on all the tech news, but sadly that may come at increasing intervals, with my school and coaching classes starting in full gusto soon. Stick around and come every week though, since that’s the frequency of posting that I’ll try to maintain. Or you can subscribe to my feed and sit back and relax, knowing for sure that you’ll be kept updated about new posts.

In other developments, I’ve decided to temporarily discontinue support for my toolbar until the host company allows editing with Mozilla Firefox.

Wish me luck for the next two years.

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