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Adobe Online PDF Viewer

Adobe Online PDF Viewer

Ever had moments when you were working on a computer which did not have Adobe PDF Viewer installed, or when the PDF software on your computer started ‘misbehaving’? What do you do then? Tear tufts of hair out and download the software (which takes long on a slow connection)? You needn’t do that. Just visit this link on the Adobe site and it’ll convert your file to HTML or text. Now in another case of bad site design, you won’t find the link to this page anywhere on the site easily (I found out about it from an external link). The email facility doesn’t work any more, they’ll return just garbage. The main use of this facility is for PDF files which are already online. Enter the URL of that file and view it without the need of downloading it. Pretty useful, and also prevents junk files from getting piled on your computer.

So what do you do if you’ve got a file on your comp not hosted online? For starters, upload it to some free host like Yahoo! GeoCities. It’s file manager page will tell you the URL of the file. Then all you have to do is just to go to the page again and enter this URL.

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