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The most prestigious college for engineering are the famous IITs, the Indian Institutes of Technology. Apparently, their entrance exam, the IIT-JEE (Joint Entrance Exam – because there are many branches of IITs) is by far among the toughest in the world, since about 300,000 students compete for around 3000 seats; that means only 1% of the students who apply are lucky enough to get admission. Contrast that with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which takes in about 30% of those who apply and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Do note that I still say that MIT is far better, any day.

In this context, we have a thriving coaching institute industry in India. Every student worth his salt enrolls somewhere so that they can carry out a civilised version of mugging the student and emptying his wallet; and then stuffing his brain with information until it bursts at the seams (and then they stuff it some more). All of them claim to teach you ‘valuable tips and tricks’ (as if we’re show-dogs performing at a circus). I would advise anyone to be very careful when choosing their institute.

Of course, there are many reputed institutes like FIITJEE, Brilliant Tutorials, PIE Education, etc. but it’s up to a person to choose which one he wants to join. Useless trivia – I was eligible to join FIITJEE too in all programmes, but their batch sizes are too big. Same thing about other centres too.

Thus I decided to join Career Launcher’s Arun Roy Classes (ARC) IIT Prep division. They are not that well-known, but don’t let that fool you. The 2004 IITJEE topper, Sushant Sachdeva, was from Career Launcher. Plus, I like the fact that as a policy they limit their batches to a maximum of 15 students which ensures more attention per student.

What I like the most about ARC is that its teaching methodology is totally different from that of other institutes. We have presentations going on with our lectures, so it is much easier both for the teacher and student, because it is easier for us to visualize concepts. Also, rather than dividing chapters on the basis of topic, our books are divided on the basis of ‘sessions’, i.e., what all will be taught on a particular day. We also have numerous exercises, in-class examples, class tests and question sessions to test our understanding of a particular topic.

The teachers we have are experienced too. Most of them are IITians themselves. And I must say that they’re good at their job, very good indeed. Combine that with extra attention and you have a potent combination.

We have got a TTS (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday) schedule right now, a 2-hour class each day for one subject; which will change to a TTSS (TTS + Sunday) after May when a 4-hour revision class will be held per week (some these will be conduct via a VSAT link across their study locations!). Really hi-tech, which will keep the interest level up among ANY student while maintaining standards. Since one subject returns after one week on the schedule, there’s plenty of time to complete any homework.

Now some may ask why ARC so has so less students compared to others, but this must be viewed in light of the fact that ARC has 6 centres across Delhi where they conduct classes (rather than one for most institutes) so their students are distributed across these. Even this is a good thing, since a student can choose the centre closest to his home and thus save on time spent commuting.

There is are a few things that I do not like about ARC though. First, the name itself. I bet that this itself will put many people off from joining them. Secondly, the course page of ARC on the Career Launcher site is pretty neglected. And lastly, their SIS (Student Information System) needs some upgrading. For those who are wondering what this is, it is Career Launcher’s online system of keeping students updated about important news.

Bye. Gotta complete their homework now.

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did you join any coaching institute during your class tenth?I am currently in class nine and just wanna know whether it’ll be helpful to do so for my class eleven,if not are there any books that you should suggest for maths,chemistry and physics

No, I didn’t join any coaching institute in 10th. As far as books go: Tata McGraw Hill for Maths; Solomons Fryhle for Chem; Resnick Halliday for Physics. :)

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