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Tech Boy – My Board Results

These are the class X Board results of our new blog member, techboy. Congratulations!!!


Finally my results are out after two months of suspense…though it won’t affect me much cause I don’t have to change my school but that feeling “WHAT WILL BE MY RESULT” is always there.

This time my school has done considerably well…especially the Sanskrit section,out of the 34 students in Sanskrit section students have got above 90% or above aggregate and in the whole school nearly 30 students have got above 90% aggregate.

Well my result was not that good in front of them but I am satisfied with it because I had not studied that seriously but still managed to get 83% aggregate
and that too because of maths!!!

Here is my result:

English – 79% (hmmmm…………) well this was the subject I had not studied the whole year. Marks might have gone in the writing section for sure but I remember the I could not answer properly two questions of the literature section.(satisfactory)

Sanskrit – 88% I may be happy with my result in Sanskrit but I had expected more marks in Sanskrit but I am still happy because I had barely touched 60 in pre-boards (happy)

Maths – 70% this was one subject I had worked hard the whole year. I had often neglected my other subjects due to it,got 80% in pre-boards,got good marks in tuition but finally on the paper day could not complete the paper somehow(the reason behind this was that I thought that the paper was so easy so I must do it slowly and properly……..too sad na?), though I knew the whole paper I became overconfident and this over confidence sucked my marks(not at all happy…..crying)

Science – 89% I expected more from this subject because after maths this was one subject I had worked hard in .Probably marks might have been cut in biology section and I know that the school teacher had not given me full marks in the practical(happy)

Social science – 89% vufff!!!!!!lolz!!!!!!!!and all sorts of unusual exclamatory sentence!!!!!Never expected this much in S.St. ever….I had not at all studied this subject the whole year .It was only one month before that I had started studying seriously. I am sure that the teacher might have cut one mark in the internals cause I was never a brilliant boy so she thought that 1 mark wouldn’t have affected me much but that 1 mark would have made me touch 90s . Whatever it is I am too happy with my marks in SST(too too happy)

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Congratulations, techboy! Had to make certain changes in your post’s font because it was not readable in the template background, and changed font properties in the other posts. Also rectified a few spelling errors. Also, to ensure that your page is ranked higher on searches, your post was given a date closer to my post.

Wish you all the best ibn SGS!

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