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Dipsite Me!!!

By on Jun 27, 2006 in On A Whim | 3 comments

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At last! Finally! In the end (resemblance to the Linkin Park title is purely coincidental and unintentional)!!! I’m a Dipsite finally!!! Well, I’ve known this for a while, I just didn’t know when to make my statement. I’m a student of Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj (New Delhi, India, the Earth, solar system of Sol, Orion’s arm……), henceforth to be referred here as DPS VK. However, it wasn’t my first choice either. I WANTED to go to DPS RKP, but (grumble, grumble) they kept the cutoff tooooooo high this time (fools) and even with 93% I’m not getting through (all oracles, even Neo’s, point towards this sad fact). I did try a last ditch effort by sending in my (impressive by any standards) track record in extra-curricular activities, only to be sent back a curt email (gnashing of teeth) by the principal (or her ghostwriter) saying that they’re ‘only considering Board marks’. Yeah right. Whatever. Lemme at ’em, I want to have a few (very polite) words.

Leaving that behind though, I’m all excited about joining the school, DPS VK. I hope I do something for their quiz club. I have got no idea whole be my quiz partner(s), hope they’re good so that I (we) can collectively rope in more trophies (and make DPS RKP feel sorry for ‘Boards only’). The thing I’m also excited about is their computer club (Code Warriors), one of the best in the city. I hope they allow students into two clubs (quiz will always get priority though). IF I get to join Code Warriors, one of the first things I’d like to do is to get them a PROPER BLOG (which doesn’t exist yet; at least, none that I could find out). And if possible, make the school site better. Lower down come promoting open-source etc, but I’ll think about that later.

The DPS VK website.


  1. Great Quizzard

    June 29, 2006

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    Well, that nails the coffin for DPS RKP then. Today they declared the final result status of al those who’d applied, and I wasn’t there. Boooohooooohooo. But then, I took the right decision by going in for DPS VK.

    What I find irritating is that DPS RKP principal herself talks about her quizzing team ‘…these are talented students who don’t get through in good colleges because of high cutoffs…DPS RKP is committed to provide support to such brilliant students’, yet they did not deem it fit to consider that in MY case. Huh!

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