The Investiture Ceremony, DPSVK 2006

We had the investiture ceremony for the school and house appointees today. Since these are very boring occasions for all except the ones getting the badges, I’ll keep it short. We’d been practicing for this thing quite some time, in fact, the whole week, the whole day. Rotting in the cruel sun out to take revenge on us. I had wasted my whole WEEK on this.

Ceremony day. A nice and wet field that made all our uniforms crappy, but I have to thank The Guy Up In The Sky that he didn’t open up the shower tap, which was a very imminent possibility, Some forgettable performances, the usual dance and song routine, in that order. And a new chairman (who looked a nice guy), and a new managing director (who looked like a bloated balloon, and voice like a tape recorder being played at extra low speed). The actual thing, the distribution of badges (which we’ll humbly use to be slightly arrogant all the time) was relegated to the end.

We, the school appointees, were sitting on the ground, and like some trained puppy, had to get up and march on certain commands. They made us practice this for HOURS earlier in the week. And I was to be the last school appointee to get my badge (there were house appointees after me though). To my surprise, when the time came to stand up, my right leg was solving fiendishly difficult quadratic equations, and kept on giving a sort of ‘File in use…Please try to access later’ sort of error message that Microsoft delights itself in making up. Net result – me trying to stand up with a numb leg. Any sentient beings would now have figured out what would be the obvious thing for me to do, that is, fall into the hands of the principal and the chief guest, who were just passing by to go to the stage for giving my badge away. Naturally, important person that I am, they took it upon themselves to hold me up, run around for medical aid, call volunteers, try to get circulation back into the leg which had just then found out the discriminant of the quadratic equation in question (too bad it doesn’t help me out in my ARC tests; BAD leg).

So there I was, proudly limping forward while others were marching (well, sort of), satisfied that I’d reasonably ruined a reasonably boring function. At least The Fall did provide some exciting moments to a few people. I did limp forward a few moments later, with a smug smile creeping on my face as I accepted my badge, and had the vice principal heaping praises for my ‘excellent efforts in giving an online presence to the Quiz Club’ and for ‘another bright idea in conducting an online intra’. Mr Bloated Balloon was supposed to pin it up, but just handed it to everyone. Maybe he thought it to be too much work. Triumphantly, limping back again, I returned beside me Pres.

To demonstrate our seriousness about our responsibilities, all the appointees promptly wasted one whole period in the field after the function was over clicking photographs of each other, in various groups and different poses like Superman (without the ‘underwear to be worn outside’ part of course), with house flags (another bad thing – I didn’t get to wear a sash); that would make anyone passing by think that whoever gave the posts to us had a made a grave error. Not satisfied enough, we also ‘wasted’ (ah, let’s not be too harsh now with the words used…) the recess and a bit of the next period at the school canteen. And then a bit more congratulating each other, and (for the ones who’d got it), tryng to convince the teachers that they HAD to keep the sashes with them. Me and my pres, having gone for the Columbian Quiz the earlier day, unfortunately didn’t know we could lug our cams along, and thus ended with embarassingly grain shots on our respective cellphones. Sorry guys, no photo gallery of me making stupid faces or falling down this time. I promise a repeat performance of The Fall next year, solely for you, dear readers, as an exclusive.

So there you have ME as the Vice President of DPS Vasant Kunj Quiz Club. Incidentally, this is the FIRST year this post has been created (it didn’t exist earlier), because they’ve students now with excellent rack records (ahem, me). In fact, even the Quiz Club didn’t officially exist until this year, and I was told they haven’t had anyone as enthusiastic as me earlier. This fact, that it didn’t exist as a cohesive group, is going to hit us (in the Quiz Club), and me really hard, because we’ve a team that’s not at all organized, no proper allocation of area. I hardly think that with such a state of affairs, we’ll be able to win any quiz this year. My old school’s quiz club, which I founded when I was in class 7 (after a lot of persuasion), achieved a lot in the past few years (CBQC, CBSE-Intel…) but it took a LOT of training, initial failures, constant hard work and sheer talent and determination to get a team together that was armed to the teeth for any quiz. My primary goal this year – to have a proper team in place for my final assault at school quizzing next year (as President? Maybe…), and bag a few trophies. At same time, I also have to think about the future candidates; I leave two years later and by then, I want a buzzing Quiz Club that can stand on its own feet and face the harsh and competitive quizzing arena. Then again, the school management has to really show interest in quizzing here. My last school was skeptical initially of me, but later when it paid off, they really chipped in with support and resources. And I’m delighted to see vice principal(s), teachers, and fellow Dipsites here showing a lot of enthusiasm.

I hope that with the exceptional talent that I’ve seen here (that’s just from what I see in the online intra) I’ll be able to contribute in my own capacity to make DPSVK Quiz Club one of THE BEST. Quizzing is my passion (given a choice between IIT and quizzing, I’ll choose the latter; that’s the extent of my ‘craziness’, as others would say), and I want it to spread like a contagious disease in this school!

Keep quizzing.

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