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One year of GQB!

Can you believe it? It’s been one whole YEAR since this blog has been up! It’s become such a part of my life that I’m perpetually plotting about its advancement. A faithful chronicle of my thoughts, it now has so many more guest members. Articles that find mention on Wikipedia. So MANY posts in the first place (~150). A ticking visitor counter. What more could I want?

I’d like to thank all visitors, and members, for making this blog an active one, if maybe not that successful yet. Your support encourages me to move on.

Actually, I’d thought about putting up a yearly archive of my blog for download as a PDF, but time constraints prevented me from that. Maybe some other time?

Keep visiting!

4 replies on “One year of GQB!”

Congrats. What I love about your blog is the quality of your content. You dont talk about sentiments and personal bulls**t. And I put your link first on my blog for that reason.

But I sure want you to change something. Remove those ads if possible. You see we are using Dialup-quality connections still(aka Broadband in India) which is why your blog takes a 4 seconds extra to open.
And if you’re making over $50 a month out of these then I have no problem with you continuing with them.

Please, new template!! You’re in Class 11. You seem to be acting as if you are doing a PhD in Chemistry.

I year of blogging has surely made you insane. If you find time to make that pdf you can surely find time for W3. I hope you get what I mean.

1. Exactly, no personal bull****, only GOOD posts. Recently though, most of mine have been ‘sorry guys I’m busy these days and I’ll be back soon’ mode. :(

2. My blog’s slowing down, not because of the ads, but because of those bravenet services which take time to load, I’ve seen. I am thinking of removing them, but again, maybe not.

3. I DID change my blog template a few days ago, but I missed this one SO much that I had it back on track in a jiffy. I just LIKE the old-world paper style feel, altho it’s a bit too common. Let’s see, if I get more time I’ll make my own, like you did.

4. No time for PDF, I know. I did some research for W3 that day though.

Another change that I’m going to bring about is posting more on QUIZZING. This is Great Quizzard’s Blog, and quiz related was pretty less last year. This time, expect more posts on the quizzes I go to.

I’m also thinking about making this blog, well, a bit more personal in its outlook. I know my content is better known for information, but that’s not really what blog readers want I feel. But those info-loaded ones are certainly NOT on their way out though.

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