DPSVK Quiz Club Intra 2006 – The Finals

On Thursday, 24th August 2006, the DPSVK Quiz Club Intra 2006 came to an end. The finals were conducted on that day, and I’m somewhat happy with the whole thing.

The day started off badly, with our intra in the morning being cancelled for some stupid house meeting (even after we’d taken permission), in which nothing was done. We protested, saying that the Code Warriors were given one whole day to conduct their intra. The Vice Principal then relented and gave us time during the break and one period.

There was another fiasco again at the later scheduled time, when she told us to move off, as our meeting was clashing with another during the same time. So we, very bravely, decided to leave the environs of the building and go out to cruel harsh outdoors, and conducted our intra on the lawns. There were some pretty amused gardeners (and I bet the flowerpots would’ve felt the same) to see the students sweating it out (literally…) and try to solve the paper made by ME. 42 questions (anyone gets the significance?) to be attempted in about 20 minutes, but then I extended the time to 30 minutes seeing that nobody was getting anything, but mainly because I didn’t want to present my beautiful face to the teacher in the middle of a period only to get pulled up for being not in class.

Cheating galore, hardly anyone was trying on their own. There were some really sincere students, and they did well. At the end of the day, the toppers in the test turned out to be guys who already go for quizzes from our school (like, my pal Prannoy Sablok). There are some promising new members too, whom I want to see flourishing next year.

Point is, I don’t think the guys will be seeing much action this year, as the quizzing season is almost over, and sure they’ll be disappointed with that. But the main point is majority of current members are in class 12th and they’ll be leaving next year; we seriously need trained replacements. Also the new members will have to look at recruiting others, especially those from junior sections who need to start training. Quizzing is not as if you just land up one day at the venue and answer questions – it takes time to learn the ropes, and to get the knack of cracking questions.

Looking forward to a good year next year, when I want to see the current crop to be trained enough to support me (replace me?). You can read about the 2006 Intra here, about the members here, and for Q & A and related files, you can visit my file server here.

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like dude iam tryin to join a few skewls next year and dps vk is certainly one of ’em. cud u like gimme da q paper and check out my reformed website

Cool man! I’d certainly like to see you here in DPSVK. Hey, I could make you VP of Quiz Club next year if you want!

For that though, make sure you give the boards well, a score of 90% and above helps, but for science it should be a minimum of 85% And if you’re asking for the entrance exam paper, sorry dude, it isn’t given to us. :( But the test is not a joke and pretty tough; you gotta use your brain a lot for that one.

Hope to see you here next year! I’m sure you’ll do well in boards and get through.

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