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By on Nov 3, 2006 in Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Although I’m a devoted fan of Yahoo!, I do like the occasional parody and the one I reveal to you now is just too damn good. It’s a parody of Yahoo! GeoCities service, called Yapoo! GeoShities, which you MUST visit!

The page is well-made and hilarious, more so if you’ve actually visited the actual GeoCities page since the page layout, colors, images, everything down to the last thing is the SAME (although recently Yahoo! changed the GeoCities main page, so it won’t resemble now). Read every part carefully, and soak in the heavenly sarcasm. And the best thing is that it actually links to the real Yahoo! pages as on the proper site.

Do visit the older GeoShities pages too, the link to which you’ll find at the bottom of that page. On those archived pages too, have a look at the links at the bottom and the way Yahoo! has been parodied.

Tell me if you liked it. ;) I did!

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