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ARC SDA 06-08 batch test results

By on Nov 9, 2006 in Personal | 2 comments

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After a lot of shouting at customer care etc, CL ARC’s SIS is finally up and working. Well, not fully. Results list doesn’t show up on the main page, and has to be accessed by going deep into their pages. I took some screenshots of the results, for fellow ARC batchmates to see.

And hey, I’ve noticed one thing – Career Launcher probably has some grudge against me, since whenever there’s a tie in the scores (especially for the top spot in the batch), it’s system gives me a lower ranking, even if alphabetically, or according to enrollment ID, or consolidated result it should rate me higher. I guess some people have been reading my blog VERY carefully for the past few days then…although it did the same thing when I hadn’t written about anything about ARC too (yes, for a brief period in may it was working fine).

To view the results more comfortably, click on the image to get the enlarged version.

Chemistry Mole Concept & Chemical Bonding Test – Remember the class test that he’d taken in which oldie had (incorrectly) given me less marks?

Physics 30 July 06

Chemistry 30 July 06

Math 30 July 06

Physics 13 Aug 06

Chemistry 13 Aug 06

Math 13 Aug 06
Physics 27 Aug 06

Chemistry 27 Aug 06

Math 27 Aug 06

Physics 17 Sept 06

Note: Results for 17 Sep 06 test for other subjects were not available. Also, for the Foundation Test, only my score was given, not the whole list, so it was not uploaded.


  1. supersonic_aviatrix

    November 10, 2006

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    hey….now the whole world can see my marks…lmao! did you notice? THEY MISPELLED MY NAME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh.

  2. Great Quizzard

    November 10, 2006

    Post a Reply

    Um, well, on my other servers (as in other site accounts I have) I keep deleting and adding files VERY frequently, so I did not want anyone to end up with a ‘HTTP 404 File Not Found’ error. Atleast, my blog’s files don’t get the chance to be messed up (since the Blogger system gets to manage it, not me).

    Did notice the misspelling initially and I did have an inkling that “she’ll go ballistic again”. ;)

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