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Exun 2006

By on Nov 13, 2006 in Personal | 5 comments

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Exun (Experts Unlimited), the computer club of DPS R K Puram organised its annual computer symposium Exun 2006 on 11th and 12th November 2006. It was a big clash with Modem 2006, but we made it, hopping back and forth from venue to venue.

On 11th, we’d spoken to Exun pres Gursartaj and took our Senior Quiz prelims earlier. It was a rush job, as we had to go back to Modem, so we just did it quick, enough to qualify and went. Read about Modem in my earlier post.

It was a rush back to Exun for the Crossword, and we’d qualified (although at a level lower than expected for Senior Quiz too). The rush was because we HAD TO bite into the Dominos pizzas, which was for lunch. We did that, and then Prannoy had to go for the Hardware Overclocking event, so I was all alone in the Crossword. I found it easy though, and completed the whole of it, except for two clues. Prannoy did come in at the end, but couldn’t crack those two. In the end, we qualified for the finals of the Crossword too, as the winners of the prelims. Much to the surprise of ex-Exuners conducting it.

At the end of day 1, it was an encouraging thing to know that DPS VK was leading the points tally with 42 points (the Answer). It put more pressure to perform next day too. The points came from Raj winning the Group Discussion, and Prannoy and Vivek coming runners up in Hard OC. We lost in Swat the Bug though.

Day 2 started off with the news of DPS VK qualifying in gaming. Crossword final was the first event of the day, and we did REALLY well. Apart from points, my answers impressed the judges enough to get me chocolates too, which Abhimanyu in the audience gobbled up later. Were it not for a -10 I got for the team by taking a risk and going for a question without a clue on the buzzer for extra points, we’d have won with more points. Prannoy strongly contends that I messed it up since a

‘a hot anchor (an ex-Exuner) came on stage’ [unquote] to conduct that round, and then again points out that I messed up the direct too in that round. Anyway, we won the Crossword event, and I loved it totally, since it’s all about figuring out, which I like, while many quizzes stray away into facts. It got us the most points in the overall tally too.

With celebratory pizzas for lunch (Abhimanyu had three, and was the first to the counter), we came back to the AVH to hear that we came third in Programming. After filling up with his tank with pizzas, garlic bread and coke, Abhimanyu was too lethargic I guess to win anything in gaming, and that’s what happened.

So it was our competitors Apeejay Noida catching up, and putting in great jeopardy the Exun trophy for us. Next was Junior Quiz, where our team came third. Frankly though, I was disappointed by their performance. I expected something better from people who’ve done well at an inter-DPS meet at the national level. JQ was fun though, especially the replays that we had to do on-screen to decide some of the buzzer round questions. Also jaw-dropping was the power of a Mac presentation.

Before the ultimate event, the Senior Quiz final (SQ), the points tally showed that Apeejay Noida was leading with 98, and we were at 91. It was all up to me, Prannoy and Vivek to do something in the SQ, and get Exun. We HAD TO finish above Apeejay Noida to win it. That pressure really freaks you out, and it really did to me.

SQ was totally vague (with Ishaan of DPS RKP ‘preferring to stay anonymous’ when everyone was introducing themselves), and teams on stage were mostly clueless as to what was going on. It thus spawned some funny answers. We maintained a position second to MIS, playing safe since our strategy was not about winning the SQ, but winning Exun. At one point though, we were devastated when Apeejay answered a question to take the lead over us. It REALLY put us under serious pressure, believe me. We immediately bounced back though with a few back-to-back answers and closed the gap with MIS too. In the end, MIS won, and we came runners up, with Apeejay third. But most importantly, we’d got crucial points which placed us at the top of the food chain at Exun. Vivek had been the saviour in SQ, like I’d been in Crossword, with a crucial opener in the beginning.

The prize distribution soon followed, with the words DPS VK coming frequently. I went up for, Crossword, then SQ. Our president of Code Warriors, Anshul, who couldn’t come to Exun, was listening to it on his cellphone, while we narrated. Then started the overall results, in reverse order, Modern School (since nobody from that school was their, the chief guest, from HP the sponsors of Exun, took it since he’d been a Modernite), then Apeejay as runners up.

Then came THE moment. DPS Vasant Kunj, rightful owners of the Exun 2006 trophy, were called on stage. Shouting, yelling, smiles and high fives all around, we lifted it up, Anshul shouting ‘Kevin’ (that’s Kevin Mitnick) over the phone. The team celebrated a bit, nah, lot, exchanging DVDs of Exun intro, Abhimanyu trying to ‘hijack’ a trophy to show at home.

We’d set out to win Modem 2006, with absolutely no thought about Exun. In fact, we almost thought we’d be routed. That didn’t happen. Thanks to one of the strongest performance ever from the Code Warriors, Exun 2006 saw the comeback of CW from the ashes.

There is room for improvement, we can do better. As for Exun, I’ll be back, next year…


  1. raghav

    November 15, 2006

    Post a Reply

    hey ankur,

    plz check if you have got the trophies for second runners up instead of runners up in the hard oc event?
    if yes, please send an email regarding it to [email protected] and we shall see to it that the trophies are replaced.

    thanking you.

    -raghav khullar

  2. Great Quizzard

    November 15, 2006

    Post a Reply

    We at the Code Warriors are working towards Code Wars 2006, and you may expect a date sometime in early-mid December. Please standby for more information on the event.

    As for the Hard OC event issue, I’ll check it up with my fellow CW mates and inform whether the wrong trophy has been received.

  3. Bharat

    November 16, 2006

    Post a Reply

    there’s no rocket science to it. just check the exunclan results page and you’ll know.

    a great win indeed.

  4. Great Quizzard

    November 24, 2006

    Post a Reply

    Yes, we did receive the wrong trophies for the Hard OC event, so I told the concerned Code Warriors, and they’ll be getting in touch with you soon to get it replaced.

    Thanks for noticing. :)

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