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Exun Intro Videos

By on Nov 18, 2006 in Personal | 1 comment

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I recently posted about Exun 2006 at DPS RKP. Unfortunately, at that time I did not have the intro video with me, which I’d really like to show to you all. I finally stumbled across it on YouTube, so here goes. Also, I found the intro video of the previous two years of Exun. Frankly though, Exun 2006 video is the best out of the lot, followed by 2005, with 2004 coming in last. Kudos to the Exun team for such excellent work.

Exun 2006 Intro Video. I liked the raw shots a lot, and the Exun logo through a photocopier / scanner was a nice idea. The other assorted videos capture the spirit of Exun too. It truly integrated the whole AV feel, rather than coming across as different videos clipped together with a soundtrack thrown in as an afterthought, which is what it mostly turns out to be.

Exun 2005 Intro Video. Nice opening with the Google Earth shots, but the campus tour isn’t good. Soundtrack is awesome, but doesn’t integrate sort of. Sorry folks, YouTube deleted the Exun 2005 video for copyright violations.

Exun 2004. Can’t call this an intro video actually. It’s only good for looping in between during events, and that’s what it comes out as.

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  1. Rach

    November 24, 2006

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    good videos(2005 and 2006 ones.didn’t c the 2004 one.) Soundtracks are pretty good. the shots are snappy. one full cohesive unit-both of them.

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