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HIQ 2006

By on Nov 24, 2006 in Personal | 0 comments

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Heritage India Quiz 2006 results for the prelims are out – and we didn’t qualify. I’d tried to be positive about it then, but with a correct answer contribution of 75:40:35 from in the prelims, we just didn’t make the cut. I’m shocked to see the teams which have actually qualified. We’re DPS VK, we should be doing better! What’s saddening is that I was a finalist last year (although I’d to give it up for Intel quiz), that too with an SGS team, and look at this – we’re DPS VK, come on!

For next year, and in general, what I feel is that contribution of individual members to total score must increase. If that doesn’t happen, I see no future for the DPS VK Quiz Club.

In the end however though, I accept responsibility for this failure, since it was my task to train the new members, and I failed on that count. I should have done better and put in more effort, and I feel guilty that we may have lost out on a nice quiz because of this.

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