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Of Bond, the Ashes and the general suckiness of Life

By on Nov 25, 2006 in Reviews | 5 comments

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Ok. Just to set the record straight, I’m more British than Indian (atleast, at heart). And therein lie the greatest tragedies of my life.
1. I’m now officially the only person on planet Earth not to have seen Casino Royale till date. Being English at heart (Bond’s English too) and a self proclaimed movie buff, this has to be REALLY bad. And then, the critics going on to say that this is probably the best Bond movie with the best Bond since Connery. Geez…. life’s tough. Heck, to tease me even more, there are those killer trailers with that AWESOME music all over the TV. So, I can’t watch HBO for 2 minutes at a stretch before the trailer comes on to tease me.

2. As if the Bond debacle isn’t enough, the English cricket team HAS TO put to on the worst bowling performance since the Bradmanesque era. Not just bowling, the batting was at its debacleous best too, wat with Bell being the lone ranger and Pietersen getting a howler of a decision and all the other batsmen surrendering even before one can count to 3. Silver lining? The batting debacle lasted just 62 overs. But, that MAYBE has something to do with the fact that there weren’t any batsmen left after 62 overs to continue the legacy.
The dawn of the second innings brought with it another form of incompetence- the Brits started fielding like nincompoops and gave away 4s where there weren’t even singles.

3. As if things weren’t bad enough, tomorrow is my phase test at FIIT-JEE and I know as much about Physics, Chemsitry and Maths as an Aztec knew about Blu-ray discs.

Whoever said life’s good, must have bin an infinetly optimistic person. Life sucks.
Well, not big time. The silver lining on my darker than dark cloud is the fact that I’m going to watch The Prestige(that’s the new flick by the Brit director, Christopher Nolan of Memento and Batman Begins fame) on the 2nd(a day after it releases).


  1. Great Quizzard

    November 25, 2006

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    Uff, why this fascination with Bond, he’s the dumbest spy I’ve seen; others are so much better.

    I know as much about cricket as a Vogon knows about compassion, so no comments on Ashes.

    Best of luck flunking in phase test, may you land with a loud thud. Eh, just joking. BoL… :)

  2. Billoo

    November 25, 2006

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    dost.. is zindagi ki garam tandoor mein sirf tera tikka nahi ban raha..
    even i am dying to see BOND..
    i just want to know if he has become dumber after his previous flik..
    so this time whats it gonna be.. his magnifying glass would fold in and fold out and perform origami to become a gun..??
    anyways.. its 79% downloaded at my place.. i wont waste my money for such things..
    anyways.. i am waiting for dhoom 2..

  3. Abhishek

    November 26, 2006

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    James Bond…dumb? No use arguing. I’ll win the argument anyway.

  4. Rach

    November 27, 2006

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    Mayb, life isn’t so crummy after all. Saw Bond (finally!!) and had a dhasoo phase test.
    Anyways, Bond sure gets better. None of those stupid gadgets-a lot of physical action, and AWESOME music. Love it.
    As for dhoom 2, i don’t watch hindi movies.

  5. Great Quizzard

    November 27, 2006

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    Good, at least I’ve one more sane person who doesn’t watch Hindi movies.

    Although gotta say Bond gadgets were fun though. Point is, the chap’s so Neandertahl-ish anyway.

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