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I hate stupid IMs!!!

By on Nov 27, 2006 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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I was pretty much running out of ideas for what to write about. After all, I seem to have already abused almost each and every social networking site in existence, including the top criminals, hi5 and Gazzag. I do like orkut though, so I’m NOT a social recluse (foolish people think otherwise).

Thus, writing about another thing that REALLY irritates me came to my mind. It was triggered by the fact that I happened to get about TWELVE stupid IMs, offline messages, and all the same! Stupid folks, they must have been passing it around to each other.

I really get irritated when someone sends a message like ‘send this message to all people in your list and your true love / long lost friend / [insert your fave moron] will call you / remember you / [I’ll KILL you] within 15 minutes / at midnight (some Cinderella fan, I think) / [inserted some assorted time period], and if you don’t do so you will have bad luck / bad love life / bad breath / [bad brains?] for the next [insert as many numbers as you want] years’. All of these will be incredibly long and stupid. I wonder if these people’s brains occasionally go to graze a bit of grass, particularly at the time when they send these messages. I mean, it’s totally SO stupid! If finding true love / excellent academic life was just a matter of overwhelming poor Yahoo / Google / MSN / AOL with moronic messages, then I’ve no idea how many Board toppers or happily engaged couples would be as common as snow in Antarctica.

The most irritating thing is that these messages have an uncanny ability to be offline IMs, otherwise some poor souls who were unfortunate to be actually online after sending the IM get some really stinking replies from me. It’s not as if I’m acting too busy to read messages, I always welcome meaningful messages, even jokes or links, but something simply ‘send to all people!’ really makes me freaking mad, because I’ve to use my right index finger THAT bit more to close some more windows.

Let this be a warning henceforth to all people have read this, and still have the audacity to send such IMs. And to those 12 people who sent them today, just wait till I see you online…

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