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I think I’m not the only one to notice this, but of late, has been really slow, and when I say that I mean a pace which would make an insomniac sloth fall off to sleep. Posts take too long to publish, comments appear late, changes made take a loooooooong time to get republished etc etc. Guess Blogger’s a victim of its own success, with so many of the blogosphere being on it.

However, things like spam blogs, where bots churn out kilobytes of trash are things which really bog down Blogger’s resources. Also, Blogger’s policy of not deleting inactive blogs may sound nice, but in the long run it really hurts users. I’ve seen so many blogs which just to have a few, sometimes just one, post since say 2004 and they still exist. There should be a limit to how nice they should try to act, because in the end, real users like me suffer. It makes financial sense for them too to purge their databases of stuff nobody bothers to read anyway and which are no longer being updated.

It’s also the duty of Blogger users not to create empty blogs with one post or something. It’s a free lunch around here, so be kind to your host…

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yeah.. u r right..
old blogs must be deleted. but in the case of publishing.. opening and stuff wordpress seems to be faster.. and according to wordpress, it is the biggest blogging domain in the world..

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