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DynamiX 2006

By on Dec 2, 2006 in Personal | 5 comments

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DynamiX 2006 (yeah, the same group where members call themselves ‘Dynamites’ – LMAO) was held at Ramjas School, RK Puram on 1-2 December 2006. THIS was an event I’d NOT planned to go to, since I wanted to catch up with whatever classes I’ve missed. However, BECAUSE of all those missed classes, I’d no idea what to do in the upcoming Monday test, so I decided to turn up anyway, so that I could get exemption.

I was scheduled to go for day 1, in the symposium and the creative event, but then I decided not to miss class so I scrapped that.

Day 2 had the Quiz+Crossword event. Yes, you read that right, in an event this scale, they decided to merge the (generally) separate events into one. That’s not say they were bad – in fact, they were EXCELLENT. What else do you expect when someone like Roshan Shariff comes and makes the paper?

I need to digress at this point. Being a newcomer to the IT quizzing field, I’d only heard of Roshan, never met him. I did, at Dx 06, and I must confess, he’s the nerdiest chap I’ve ever seen in my life. So nerdy that even Napoleon Dynamite (please don’t watch the movie – I saw the first 10 minutes and it’s so pathetic, I switched off the TV and didn’t watch movies for a week; Napoleon is a TOTAL dork, and I hate them) would’ve felt embarrassed in front of him. And for someone like me who never was, is, will be or wants to be a nerd, it felt ultra awkward to be around this ultra alpha nerd.

In the beginning though on day 2, there was a slight problem about a member not turning up, but I convinced him. Until then, I went in his place for the creative event, where I found that on day 1, no work had been done by the earlier team. So while the others were carrying forward their earlier work, our team had to start from scratch. Whenever I tried doing ANYTHING on their rotten Photoshop, it shut down after giving a run-time error message. All I did during my brief half-hour stay was thus to gawk at the pics of Eva Green and Halle Berry (although I preferred the first).

The prelims for the Quiz+Crossword event consisted of a crossword, a pretty big one at that. There were some glitches, like missing clues, but I must say, it was good. The clues, were cryptic and fun to crack, a refreshing change after the FORCE Fest crap. Needless to say we qualified without a problem with a pretty high score.

It was followed by the finals, which consisted of a quiz of 8 rounds. Our team did pretty well, there were others like Mothers and Amity. The quiz was really nice, and there was quite a bit of trivia, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a shame though that the scale of the event was pretty small for such a great quiz. At the end though, the Code Warriors won convincingly by quite a margin.

Gotta say, the event seemed low-key and the refreshments were PATHETIC. Plus, there was no whiff of a canteen too. I also made the mistake of going down to their education fair, and have hordes of marketers pounce upon me.

The prize distribution was pretty low-key, and we’d no idea when it started or got over. The trophies were nice though, and the Overall Winners trophy looked really cool, which incidentally, went to DPS Vasant Kunj. :D So that’s the fourth event we’ve won this year, apart from others where we’ve come in the top 3!

For now though, the Code Warriors are planning what to do with the Creative 5.1 channel surround sound speakers that we won for ourselves there. Really what makes me feel jealous though are the winners of the creative event, who walked away with Creative headphones each.

Amazing prizes for such a small event. This win though, firms up our demand for Code Wars even more, and I guess by next week, I’ll be able to tell when to come for the best computer symposium in Delhi…


  1. Ady

    April 25, 2007

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    so ankur.. i know its kinda late to comment but guess it wont hurt u as u dont have any comment til date. u know wat da problem is with guys like u? u just dont try to know the complete thing!! be it Roshan or the movie u referring to. without knowing the thing in entirety i really dont understand how u get the guts to write such statements about someone or something. did u ever try to know who exactly Roshan is? i bet u didnt. thats the problem. we hear about ppl and we add our own “on the surface experiences” with them and then we set out telling the world about him using ridiculous phrases like “ultra alpha nerd”.. u shud be better informed and more considerate before writing such things dude!!

    or if i were u den i wud have labelled u “an unintelligible high headed self proclaimed quizzard”. so be careful from now on coz eventually life is a mirror..

  2. GQ

    April 25, 2007

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    Hey Ady, I think you very much misunderstood me. I admire Roshan Shariff for his knowledge, and I’ve heard a lot about him. I come nowhere even close to him in knowledge, and I really respect him. My intent in including those lines was certainly not derogatory – my intention was simply to make the post a bit light hearted, just throw in a bit of fun, but never at his expense. Yes, you may say that my harsh judgment of the movie was unwarranted, but if you didn’t get the sarcasm, so was my fictional and exaggerated reaction which I wrote. Of COURSE I didn’t stop watching TV for a week! And by considering that calling someone a nerd is an insult which I don’t think it is.

    As for me being an unintelligent airhead, I welcome your conclusion to that and totally agree with it.

  3. Ady

    April 25, 2007

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    actually u know its not an insult.. but the usage can be a bit tricky sometyms..
    and da label i gave u was just to make u realize dat how ppl can go terribly wrong in dere opinion about oders. da fault doesnt lie there but the fault lies if u tell ur first impressions to oders widout a caution dat well “i cud be wrong” . but i genuinely liked your reply. first coz it again reinforced my belief dat first impressions can get wrong. and secondly coz i think u realized why i wrote all that..

  4. GQ

    April 26, 2007

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    Well, I hope this one’s settled amicably then. :) You a friend of Roshan’s? From Ramjas?

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