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The Art of getting Code Warriors into BIG trouble

By on Dec 5, 2006 in Personal | 1 comment

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Many of you may know that Code Wars has the tagline ‘So BIG’, but little did I realise that it is exactly the type of trouble I got some Code Warriors into… ;)

Before I begin, I’d like to say my intentions were NOT to insult anyone, it’s just that I meant it as a practical joke. Here goes…

The CW team was pretty busy creating a checklist – of member duties, software required, etc. There was one section ‘Materials Required’ where they’d typed in stationery, software, etc etc and had gone away leaving the file open. Angelic that I am, I added two more points under that category – 1) Hot girls for escort duty; 2) Some eye candy at the registration desk.

Fun, ain’t it? ;) CW team was ROFL at that. The REALLY fun part though came later, when they forgot to delete it, and sent 10 copies for printing. And then, someone even showed it to the HoD of computers. Last heard, that unlucky guy was still smarting from a spanking (and a scolding to boot) that he got.

Of course, since I’m so innocent, and HoD hadn’t seen me there anyway, I was not involved in anything. ;)

Oh, and did I mention they were accessing the document from a pendrive, and after printing, forgot to save it? Effectively, we’ve no more soft copy, and we’ll have to use those (in)famous (or is it…) 10 and their photocopies. Hahahaha…

Oh, and BTW, since you may’ve seen the halo around my head, I hadn’t done anything… ;)

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  1. Billoo

    December 6, 2006

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    ankur.. u r the kind of person who has his horns hidden beneath the multiple layers of fat and neurons of the head…
    well.. this time i hope they listen to ur points as well.. ;)

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