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I’ll shoe-t them all!

By on Dec 7, 2006 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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Had a seminar today from Peter Pan, oops, Pang from NUS Singapore today at school. Confused guy, who asked for pointed question (someone give him a sharpener please) and then turned beetroot red when he couldn’t answer something when someone DID ask. Anyway, I’m not interested in his deadPAN speech, which bored me to death, I’m gonna speak about what happened later.

It was conducted in our Chamar, oops, Chinar Hall. And some smart alec got the idea that it’d be really nice to mess everyone’s shoes up, which he all have to take off when entering Chamar Hall. So what happens when all 11thies come out to rush back to their home when the school is over and they can’t find their shoe? They take off with my Rbk and leave me barefoot. Of course, it happened with many, but they didn’t lose their Rbk, neither their bus.

Poor barefoot me, waited searching and shoving and ugh, enduring horrible smells. In the end, I’d to settle for a tattered old wrong size shoe which really doesn’t fit me, but at least my foot’s not fried.

Maybe the school should break it’s piggy bank, and get everyone Rbk’s to replace such an immense psychological loss…

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