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Thinking about frontends and backends…

By on Dec 7, 2006 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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Recently, I was working on the Code Warriors website when the CW felt a need to use a CMS – Content Management System to make it, for easier editing and control over who can access which section of the site. We’d got new hosting, and being a CMS guy, I was called in to help out.

I began with trying to use my faves, Joomla and Mambo. Unfortunately, with both, due to some security measure taken by our hosting provider, their confuguration files were unwriteable. I then tried a one which I’d heard a lot about, Xoops. Once again, it ran into trouble as many modules for administration did not get installed.

The other major option I’d left was Drupal, which is nice for editing and managing, but has a seriously sucky interface. So then I started off on a head hunt to find out other CMS. In no order or any resemblance of sanity, they were PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke (both made me puke), Siteframe, phpWebsite (ugh), Typo3 (whole coding is typo), Geeklog (what a shame for such a nice name) and many more, sorry to the pathetic coders of the other ones whom I’ve missed out.

Finally, after wasting a lot of time and bandwidth, and sparking off an alarm at school for generating excessive amount of traffic (which made our leased line connection’s ISP send a ‘stop spam from your network’ message to our school; although other CW people bet the 3Cs were responsible for it), I settled on Drupal. Uploading modules, settings permissions, configuring templates, etc etc when our Quiz Club’s court jester was staring at me totally freaked me out. Plus a stupid system which allows for only small logos.

Enough tecnobabble for now. In my search for a perfect CMS, I went through lots of forums and review sites. Now all had me LMAO since they mostly went like ‘I like XYZ’s frontend / backend’. That’s tech talk for interfaces. But hours of sifting through people saying which one’s backend or frontend is better, and how many people ‘spent hours checking out the backend / frontend’ of some CMS, and passionate (pardon the pun) and heated debates on which one’s frontend / backend is better; sounds a lot like sex, or like someone checking out girls. Yes, seriously, all that talk had me ROFL. Hahahaha. Maybe I should bring Prannoy in to speak about backends, since he was particularly fascinated by one belonging to a DPS RKP teacher at Exun.

Anyway, for now CW has had a change of mind, and for the time being we aren’t going to use CMS.

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