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ARC finally listens!

By on Dec 17, 2006 in Personal | 0 comments

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You may remember my old post on Career Launcher’s ARC, where I’d written about some major issues that had cropped up there. One of the biggest signs that a company is good is when it messes up, accepts its mistake, listens to its customers and works towards rectifying that mistake, and I’m pleased to say that CL definitely falls in that category.

I guess the CL people did read my post, after all, I sent it to the VP too, and they took it seriously at least in some respects. Finally, things are in motion to get us the solution material, and there was a pretty fun diagnostic test sometime back to test understanding of concepts. I’d written about the inadequate testing system consisting of less questions, but now, we’ve been informed that they’re changing test patterns to suit current trends. We’ll have 3 hours combined subject tests, plus they’ll have multiple correct and assertion-reasoning type questions too. Now THAT is definitely a change for the better, despite the fact that the tests will be longer.

Classes are going well now. On a lighter note, Shom sir’s energetic ‘demonstrations’ are always hilarious, and so are chemistry teacher’s anecdotes. Last chemistry class he was discussing homolytic and heterolytic CLEAVAGE in organic, and it took a superhuman effort to stop myself from bursting into laughter. Then there were pearls of wisdom like ‘…if you understand cleavage then organic is clear to you…’, again LMAO. Math though is comparatively boring as far as goofy antics are concerned, unless our teacher forgets his wig one day and provides some comic relief.

I’ll probably flunk the very test I fought so much for though, since I’ve so many competitions to go for, and I haven’t attended classes at school too for quite a long time…

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