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Code Wars parody

By on Dec 21, 2006 in Personal | 0 comments

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Just COULDN’T resist from posting something like this… :D

CODE BOREs 2006 was held DPS VK’s CODE ****iors on 18-19 Dec, who have their official babesite at It has the tagline ‘soBIG’, which it got from the common refrain of Code Boreior members after seeing the size of the zero in all their exam papers.

They have brilliant ideas handed down from the school, like making participants take off their shoes in a small attic, affectionately called the mini audi, so that they can inhale the smelly odor of many socks. However, in a bad move, the Code ****iors are thinking of getting Axe as a sponsor next year to give complimentary samples for usage.

We had nice metallic badgers this year, oops, badges. Very soon, we’ll also be getting out official (prison) sweatshirts. There’s a nice vidddeo we’ve made too, starring (potash) alums, Pressident, Wise President of Quiz Club, eggheads, assorted fools and yucky vidddeos clipped together (ripped off [il]legally from YouTube; and yes, we did just insult You). And how can anyone forget the 10 feet long pissas that all the participants got for refreshment.

In the end, congrats to the Ovarall Winners of Code Bores, DPS RKPee (in an exclusive interview, they told us that dedicate this victory to Shivender Pee Singh, before shooting our reporter with a .357); and the Ovarall Runners Up, DPS NoIdea. And how can we forget the Ovarall Second Runners Up DPS DORKa. Congrats to all the winners, who must be enjoying a lot after getting extra balls as prizes!!!

Milk ( = doodh = dude [approx] ), be there for Code Bores 2007…

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