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Code Wars 2006 Video

By on Dec 25, 2006 in Personal | 0 comments

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The Code Wars 2006 Official Video is finally up for all to view, for all those unfortunate folks who happened to miss at at Code Wars 2006, the best computer symposium of 2006. Mainly made by Code Warriors Vivek ‘Illusion’ Nair and Prannoy ‘Grayfox’ Sablok, that too in one day while helping out with everything else and conducting events at Code Wars 2006, it is really AMAZING!

Did create some irritation, with Grayfox getting pretty anxious about the outcome of his ‘vidddeo’ (repeating ‘mujhe vidddeo banana hai’ like a parrot), which happened to get compiled just minutes before the event starting. Also, it’s a first as this is the first ‘proper’ Code Wars ‘vidddeo’. Funny thing was, even our old-fashioned principal seemed to like it – he was smiling after seeing it when I fully expected him to scream at the Code Warriors team.

Code Wars 2007 promises to be back, and hopefully with an even better video. It’s soBIG.F that you need to wait for now… :D

Alternately, you may watch the video on YouTube itself by clicking here.

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