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The Great QuizSurd

By on Dec 28, 2006 in Personal | 0 comments

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Note: This is an imaginary work of non-fiction. Any resemblance of characters to real life people, living or dead, is purely coincidental intentional. However, the author hereby declares that this post is NOT to insult anyone, it’s just that the author came up with a crazy idea and kept on writing about it…

You may have read about the Great Quizzard, in fact, you are reading his shitty blog right now. You may not, however, have made the Great QuizSurd until now. The Great QuizSurd’s blog may be found at Life and Times of the G –, where the Great QuizSurd speaks about his, duh, life and times.

When the Great QuizSurd is not quizzing, he loves to indulge in the rationalization of surds as a hobby. He also owns a guitar, which he lovingly refers to as the ‘G-string’. His other hobby is to play (with) his G-string.

In all, the Great QuizSurd is a very gudi gudi boy whom you’d love to know…

PS – Gursartaj, if you’re reading this, I swear I didn’t mean to insult you. :) I respect your quizzing talent a lot, in fact, your performance at the TCS IT Quiz was AWESOME, and at Exun and others too. You’d helped us a lot by accommodating an ‘earlier’ quiz prelim at Exun 2006 too, and I thank you for that. Take this a foolish post from a vela Code Boreior (I wonder what my pals at DPS VK will say if I replaced the ‘B’ in ‘Boreior’ with ‘Wh’…) who was amazed this amazing nickname I thought up for you – the ‘Great QuizSurd’. :D

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