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Great Quizzard’s Year In Review 2006

By on Dec 31, 2006 in Personal | 3 comments

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Ah, year 2006. WHAT an eventful year for me! Too disconnected (the word came to my mind since I’m listening to the Lindsay Lohan song by the same name right now) to write in a structured post, so I’ll just keep on giving interesting nuggets. Note that I’m a bit woozy, so loads of Miss Takes in this post…

National Chump, oops…
A f***ing good way to start the new year, as the national chimp, oops, champ of the biggest inter-school science quiz in India, CBSE Intel Science Quiz 2005. This was back when I in St George’s School. Technically, should come in last years list, but since it happened this year, I decided to include it here. Conducted by eminent quizmaster, Mr Dickbrain, oops, Pea Brain, oops, Pickbrain…

A month before my Bored exams, I realised that I hadn’t really studied throughout the year, because of quizzes and competitions. In fact, not at all, really. Then, in a sudden moment of enlightenment, I started studying, seriously, very seriously indeed. Solving more than 10 sample papers a day, taking textbooks even to the loo (duh, not for toilet paper!), constant testing via, sacrificing my daily 8 hour hibernation cycle, storing info in cellphone snapshots for quick reference, making condensed notes (man, I fitted whole of social studies into five pages, no kidding!) blah blah blah. And, then, miraculously (the Vatican is considering making me a saint for this miracle), I got real good marks – 93%! Disappointment of the year was English though, where I got the lowest marks EVER till now. I’m still waiting for information on my English paper examiner…wanted dead or alive, er, make that dead…

Dipsite me
I left my school even before my Bored results came out, I was confident that I’d had enough of SGS. I wanted DPS RKPee, however, they set their cutoffs at around 95% (!!!), and didn’t even accept me due to my extra-curricular record (ECA)! Thankfully, as a last minute thought, I’d applied to Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj. Their test was damn easy, and my interview was a walkover, pretty impressed by my ECA record, they were. And so I became a Dipsite. Sadly, I seemingly was so much at ease at the new school that they even forgot to rag me, thinking that I was an old student. I’d go up and ask people to rag, and it turned out they were mostly too shocked to see someone coming themself that they forgot the ragging part. Damn. Life is so cruel to Paranoid Androids…

DPS VK Quiz Club
Full steam ahead as far ECA is concerned as soon as I came. I easily got the post of the Vice (rather, Wise) President (because I’m in 11th) of the DPS VK Quiz Club (which was set up as a proper student body for the first time). My interviews for it were a joke, I walked in during both rounds, and even before I could sit in the chair, I was told I’d been selected. THAT’s where past record comes handy, but I’d have loved a grilling that the others got.
To begin with, I started a site for it and conducted an intra for new members. Surprisingly, it found a very high and enthusiastic participation. The members that I finally shortlisted were enthusiastic and talented too, but without ANY experience. By the time everything was organised, quizzing season was basically over. Still, there was a good performance later at DPS MR, but there was the major disappointment of the Heritage India Quiz 2006, where we didn’t even qualify past the prelims. For a person who HAD qualified last year like me, that was a BIG blow. Maybe I should buy a large paper bag and retire from quizzing, since I hear that DPS Rohini (What! They have a quiz team?) came third in the national finals.
There’s a major lack of enthusiasm and lack of motivation among the Quiz Club members now, but it’s not totally their fault since they didn’t get to participate in many actual quizzes, despite the intras held earlier.

Code Warriors
I was inducted after their intra, and soon became an integral part of the quiz and crossword team, and later, group discussion too. This was a major shift, because till now I’d concentrated till now on general quizzes, and this was the first year where I actively (I mean it) particpated in tech events. Must say that at the end of the year, I was satisfied, as with 10 trophies, I became the Code Warrior with highest number of wins. It was one of the best years for the Code Warriors, we won THE Exun 2006 trophy too!
As the year went on, I found myself getting drawn towards the Dark Side, by the Sith Lord Darth Anshulus. My dark master supported me throughout the year, and drew me into macro level planning, and I thank him for that. I also thank Darth Anshulus for being one of the first Dipsites here to come and draw me into the fold.
Then there was Code Wars 2006, our computer symposium, which has been voted as The Best Computer Symposium of 2006. I particpated deeply in organising it, and I was SO MUCH fun! Its awe inspiring to see the amount of work that goes into such an event, and I must thank all Code Warriors, teachers, participants for their contribution to it.
I’m so deeply fascinated in seeing the Code Warriors next year that I’m giving up my Quiz Club position and switching over to the Code Warriors next year. QC members take note, I don’t want it to die out, so select a replacement among yourselves. Of course, I’ll be there for guidance as the Benevolent Dictator for Life of the DPS VK Quiz Club.

Career Launcher
I took a big risk (gulp) in choosing Career Launcher over offers from FIITJEE for IITJEE coaching, but then I found the faculty of CL more forthcoming. A mention of one of the best mentors I’ve come across till now, Shom, who teaches us physics at CL – he’s absolutely an AMAZING teacher who builds from basic concepts and making us THINK!
‘Location, location, location’ was something CL took seriously, and our centre right opposite to IIT Delhi is really very poetic, but I’m more concerned with the lip smackin food joints there. After all, I’ve to maintain my shape in such a hectic schedule too! For morons who didn’t know this, listen now – ROUND is also a shape…

After losing to toilet
In other words, har ke pee. Yup, I shifted my residence to R K Puram – after all, closer to my school and CL centre too.
The worst thing – waiting for the DPS VK schoolbus in the morning while watching soooooooo many DPS RKP buses zoom away in front of my nose; that too when my house is just a minute away from DPS RKP. Grrrrr. I HATE that!
The worse thing – Right next to a national highway, so the background score is of rush hour traffic, constantly; even while sleeping, when transport trucks take over.
The good thing – I saw plants and sunlight for the first time, coming out of the shadow of skyscrapers.
The best thing – Robust Internet network. The Sify franchise here either has better engineers, or does more maintainence. Either way, civilsed world aka broadband connectivity here is rock solid.

Long live Xerox Corp!
One drawback of (excessive) ECA is that you miss classes. I’ve missed for weeks on end. When I DO go back to class, teachers join in the party by saying “Oh Ankur, after how many weeks?”. The gem was my chemistry teacher, who said “Do you belong to this class?” when I came one day, not sarcastically, but she genuinely didn’t know. That too, I’m in the abilities section here, so one day per chapter seems to be the norm here. That sucks.
Thus, I’d like to end by saying a loud ‘Thank You!’ to Xerox Corp for the most important invention in the history of mankind (well, atleast that part of mankind that participates in ECA).
I’d also like to thank The Almighty Benevolent Note-Giving Goddess (who was, at one point of time after the Heritage prelims results, in sheer danger of getting beheaded) for her constant support, which actually saw me getting reasonably good marks (er, somewhat…)

Now buzz off and let me CELEBRATE!!! :P


  1. Vivek

    January 1, 2007

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    “Sith Lord Darth Anshulus”

    I actually like that bit. Especially with the muffler around his neck and not moving his neck at all.
    You should watch the movie ‘Happy Feet’, which is pretty good. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it (if you get the time, I think your CL exams are over).

    Long live Xerox —- Penguins are resilient creatures

  2. Great Quizzard

    January 1, 2007

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    Yeah, now that you talk of it, he DID seem like some Sith Lord. My fave is the ‘national chimp’ PJ though. :)

    Actually, I did see Happy Feet. Man, it’s so good. I didn’t know that my brother knew tap dancing so well! Makes me homesick though, you know, after all, Delhi is much hotter than home sweet home Antarctica, and it’s a very stressful time for a penguin like me – with all this heat wave and so many exams in the air…

  3. Jui Chitre

    February 1, 2007

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