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Christopher Nolan

By on Jan 3, 2007 in Reviews | 2 comments

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An unfinished post by Rach that’s been lying around for a month, and then, he got bored…

First of all, I’d like to blast the people who decide what English movies to release in India. They almost always think about money and thus, only big banner, big budget and star studded movies are released. No problem with thinking about money, but once in a while, content should also be thought of. Not only that, the media is also pretty inept at finding good international movies for reviews. Nevertheless, I expected people with a wee bit sense about movies to check out good movies on the net.

So, it was came as a total shock to me to learn that our very own Great Quizzard hadn’t heard of Christopher Nolan. The west hails him as ‘The master of suspense and deception’ and all his movies are critically acclaimed. Having even directed a blockbuster like Batman Begins, you’d expect people to have heard about him and distributors showing some zest in releasing his latest movie. But no, his latest, ‘The Prestige’ seems to have hit a brick wall and there are many indications that it might not be released in India.

Christopher’s first full length movie was ‘The Following’, but with ‘Memento’, he garnered much acclaim. Based on his brother’s (Jonathan Nolan) short story, Memento Mori, the low budget movie had a higher per screen revenue than the big budgeted ‘Pearl Harbor’. It introduced the audience to a new breed of cinema where the mind could not be left at home. Most people watched the movie 2-3 times and according to them, each time they found some new aspect about the movie.

Chris Nolan Sucks!!!


  1. rach

    May 12, 2009

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    haha…this is so stupid! idiot! and…why exactly did you put that “Chris Nolan Sucks!!!” line in the post?

    • Ankur

      May 13, 2009

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      Because it was so annoying to have something lying around in the ‘drafts’ section for more than a few months.

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