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Pencil BARKS in the tabloid of time

By on Jan 3, 2007 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

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Oh, so you said that you liked that post on a satirical take by Rach on Supersonic Aviatrix’s blog? Wait, Rach has more! After Endless…Chainless…Trackless…Pure…Nonsense…Just Plain Nonsense, now comes an even funnier parody.

Well, SA’s blog is Pencil marks in the tabloid of time, right? Now how about visiting the blog with the title bar as shown below…

Also, in an exclusive interview, Rach told he’s planning a brand new blog, with the URL for reclaiming the lives of all those poor souls who were misled into escaping 2 infinity. I wish him luck on that one, that is, if he survives tomorrow…

And before you leave, Rach hired Madonna to deliver a special message to Supersonic Aviatrix. Hope you enjoy the video! ;)


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