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By on Jan 8, 2007 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

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This is a general comment. Past few days have been a whirlpool for me, with a math test (I gave that today), and an order from Ye Schoole Managemente High Bovine that I need to head a team to make the school’s annual day video. Also, I (sort of) broke my thumb today in the line of fire.

Now it’s a fact that I actively participate in extra-curricular and no-curricular activities. There are SOME times though when the student inside me awakens from its stupor and tries to convince me to study. Exactly at those moments, some *important* work drops in, and starts the whole life-cycle of miss-classes-get-into-trouble thing.

My math test went pretty okay, with blessings (rather, a LOT of guidance) from the Almighty Benevolent Note-Giving and Doubt-Clearing Goddess. I’d have been rrreeeeaaaaalllll big trouble with the math teacher (‘…yer ALWAYS missing classes…), and at home (‘…have you studied in 2007, or 2006 for that matter…’). Thankfully, I think I did okay, but then, I’ve a highly active imagination.

I now have to make a video for the school’s annual day, because they really liked the Code Wars video. Trying to think up something for that, and make a good one. The last video the school got made, apparently from some ‘professionals’, was so damn boring that I almost fell asleep. I’ll try to make something better this time.

In other news, you may find less posts from me because:

  1. I’ve broken my thumb. That nutty Rach thought my hand was some squishy toy and closed a door when I was standing near it. He should watch out, an ‘accident’ may happen with soon.
  2. I’ve WORK to do aka making vidddeos and not studying, and attempting to catch up later.


  1. Rach

    January 11, 2007

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    Hey, I didn’t close that door. Nuttier Eeshu or Bonkers Boris did it.

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