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The Shomphiles

By on Jan 9, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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Call it an obsession, or whatever, even when others may say that they don’t like him too much, I simply believe that our physics teacher at Arun Roy Classes, Somonnoy Ghosh is totally awesome. Everybody, include him BTW, call him Shom. That, I guess, comes from the Bong way of saying his name.

I decided to go ahead a start an orkut community for him. Now I’m the sort of person who joins orkut communities just to show my interests, and not for active participation, but the Shom Sir Fan Club style community that I created is a must visit. I named it The Shomphiles, and if you didn’t get it, philes comes from Latin (or is it Greek…) for people who like something.

Incidentally, I initially wanted to call this community The Shomosexuals but then, people protested and I too thought maybe THAT was a bit too much. It’s have been fun though to tell random people that we were Shomosexuals, and then watch the reaction as they went ‘Huh? Homosexuals!?!’ and then, AGAIN watch the puzzled reaction on us saying, ‘NO! It’s SHOMosexuals’.

For the curious, I invited him too. He hasn’t joined yet, but I guess he will, sometime or the other, hopefully! Right now though, I need to complete my ARC physics homework (was there any, or rather, IS there any EVER?), otherwise Shomphile or not, he’s gonna spank me.

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