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Set Down Box

By on Jan 11, 2007 in Reviews | 1 comment

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I thought it didn’t look aesthetic enough to keep the Set Top Box for the TV on top of it, so henceforth, it’s a Set Down Box. Looks nice near the DVD player – the wires all tangled up is SO alluring.

Anyway, after getting to use it for some time, I officially declare it as crap. I think I’ve the Midas touch, except that instead of gold, it miraculously turns into crap. Or maybe, I’m suffering from the Marvin perspective syndrome.

All that hype of ‘electronic programming guides’ (I think Microsucks coined that one) is bullcrap, since the normal monthly channel guide of our cable guy is, well, a whole month list, while EPG is only one week. Reminds me of some cheap router. And gives me the feel of Nintendo Wii for cheap, trying to juggle two remotes. It’s fun, but burns too much calories to juggle remotes. I need to get my diet back on track after all the time with SDB.

Nothing more to say really. At least, the came for installation initially within a week (after constant pestering), while I hear from Ankit Sud that Tata Sky DTH is equally crappy, and hasn’t yet come for install. Even in my old house (the non-RKP one), they took a lllllooooonnnngggggg time to deliver the Tata Sky dish antenna. Advantage of DTH – if it goes kaput, you can use it as a solar cooker to fry eggs.

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  1. Abhishek

    January 16, 2007

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    That’s a good one – set down box. Tata Sky is brilliant(after setup, that is). I was having fun switching languages in channels like Cartoon Network. Lame I know, but fun!

    The change is instantaneous – at least at my place it is and it also shows that the dubbing process isn’t all that bad, with the background music remaining the same. I always used to think that the music would also be 3rd-rate like the hindi.

    Stupid of me, but there are so many stupid things I used to think about like paper going through the telephone while sending a fax.

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