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By on Jan 21, 2007 in Personal | 2 comments

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Over the past few days, I’ve got quite a few mails asking me if I was all right, since I hadn’t been blahging for quite a while. Just to tell everyone, I’m fine and alive, and I’ve not been stranded on some desert island. I’ve got bucketloads of work to do for the school annual day video, which I posted about earlier, so I’m really not getting the time for anything new. Maybe after that’s done I’ll have time for one on that, but I also have my final exams coming up, for which I haven’t studied anything.

I get so damn exhausted after staybacks and all for annual day, plus tolerating the some clowns (drop the s, and it’s not you Rach) on my team that I CAN’T do anything but drop dead sleep.


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