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By on Jan 25, 2007 in Personal, Reviews | 1 comment

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I like this idea. There’s this (startup?) called that I came across on Ankit Sud’s Blog, called which provides snapshots of the websites when you hover your mouse over a link. Personally, I think this is a brilliant idea, as this can allow users to get a feel of what the link holds in store for them even before visiting it. I just hope though that they keep on updating their index, or people may get discontented.

Then there’s the fact that some sites haven’t been crawled yet, but I’m not complaining, new services should be given a relaxation period.

What I like most is the user interface it provides. Basically, the idea is like that on Yahoo! News, which gives snap results on clicking purple links. Yahoo! does provide a GreaseMonkey script to implement that on any page you want. Keep and eye on this one, and buy it out Yahoo, its going to be a real big thing I feel.

GQB now features snap previews on all links courtesy

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  1. Great Quizzard

    January 25, 2007

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    What I like THE best about this is its mind-bogglingly simple setup which even the most non-tech-savviest person can handle. One complaint – when they made something this good and this simple, why did they forget to give an alternate piece of code for the new Blogger, which confirms to XML standards. I noticed the fact on my own, not many others would though, and that might create a problem for them.

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