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Scores of 2006

By on Jan 26, 2007 in Reviews | 3 comments

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Knowing me, Hans Zimmer has to take the top slots in this rating. Well, here goes…

  1. Da Vinci Code: Respect it people, it’s now an Oscar nominated score. The dark, brooding, atmospheric pieces are a delight to hear. Specially, Chevaliers de Sangreal. Word of caution though, DO NOT listen to Kyrie for the Magdalene. It’s the best possible lullaby there can be.
  2. Dead Man’s Chest: Zimmer took the original swashbuckling music and added dark under currents, while still retaining Captain Jack Sparrow’s playfullness to it to make an awesome compilation. Special mention: last 2 minutes of Wheel of Fortune.
  3. Casino Royale: The new orchestrations and gradual build up to the climatic Bond theme make this David Arnold score very, very different from the previous Bond scores.
  4. Superman Returns: Technically speaking, it wasn’t an original score. Almost all of the music was a rehash of Williams’ older compositions.

And then, the worst.

  1. The Prestige: WHAT WAS JULLYAN THINKING??? Tied notes don’t always work.
  2. Mission Impossible III: Personally, I liked Elfman’s version to Giacchino’s.


  1. Great Quizzard

    January 27, 2007

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    Tell me one thing, do they provide you headphones with an extra long cord a sound port at all movie theatres, huh? Because nobody else really cares a damn for all the scores! :P

  2. Rach

    January 27, 2007

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    C’mon, the scores are an intricate part of a movie-they can make or break a movie. U’ve got2 understand this!!

  3. Rach

    January 31, 2007

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    Dunno where I get such useless facts from.
    Turns out Zimmer wasn’t nominated for DVC.

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