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I’m not Bach…

By on Mar 6, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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Bach edited…but yes, I am BACK from my so-called vacation. Basically, it meant getting crushed under hugs from grandmom / grandpop / uncle / aunt sort of folks a lot in the Middle of Nowhere. I must confess though – I felt like a duck being prepared for a foie gras dish by Gordon Ramsay (not that he’d give it to anyone very politely, but…). It’s something that’s seemingly common to grandmoms – stuff kids with food until they beg for mercy. Once again, there were cries of “Eesh, tomake naki bangali bole” for me being vegetarian, despite the fact that this has been a fact for a long time. It helps me stay in shape though, all this. According to leading mathematicians around the world, round is also a shape.

Then, amazingly, I also took a sabbatical from all reference to technology. Rather I forced it upon myself. I did not check mails, nor even touch my cellphone to try and beat my high score of 6002400 in Club Pinball. Sigh. It was TOUGH. In the end, I couldn’t take it any longer and read (and reread and rereread…) this month’s issue of PC World.

Linux rules
The highlight of the trip though was the collection of NASA space shuttle flight mission medallions – by grandad has a collection of most of them. These are limited edition memorabilia released by NASA after each mission, depicting the intent of the mission, mission duration and astronauts who went up. Quite a few of them though, hell, many, had their intent written as ‘Confidential Department of Defense mission’. I hadn’t seen any of these medallions earlier, and my, were they stunning. I had an awesome pic of the whole lot, but somehow Mr Butter Finger Me managed to delete them from my cell. Thankfully, I DO have the three most important ones below. The one thing was, in of the medallions, they actually got the landing date wrong!

NASA space shuttle mission medallions
In some other updates, I was thinking of changing my blahg URL and / or name to GQ’s Blahg, but then I dropped it since I did not want to get sued for trademark violation; GQ is a magazine in real life. I did change the display name to GQ. Just wanted something short n’ sweet. I also changed the counter from Bravenet’s to StatCounter’s – because I was soon going to run out of capacity, and because Bravenet has too much downtime.

Got work to do now. I need to rebuild the Code Warriors site, and I’m also thinking of deleting, and shifting the DPS VK Quiz Club site.

Feels nice to be blogging again…

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