Having a Bat day…

I am SO hung up on Batman. All I can look forward to today is Batman and then Batman Begins!! I know GQ will blast me to smithereens for posting this on his blog, but I DON’T CARE!!! Don’t listen to him. Batman Begins ISN’T bad. It’s the best goddamn Batman movie, if not the best superhero movie ever!!
Don’t believe me? Watch it today at 9:00 pm on HBO.

This post NOT brought to you by HBO.

2 replies on “Having a Bat day…”

Don’t listen to this madman. You’ll organs will commit suicide to save themselves! Rather, watch ‘The Pacifier’ on Star Movies at 9pm.

This comment NOT brought to you by Star Movies. :P

Pacifier sux big time. Vin Diesel as a baby sitter??!!!! O please. The story is predictable Disney stuff. This movie’s the stuff legends are made of-bad ones, that is.

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