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The shit starts…now!

Sigh. I’m SO depressed. 47 days of shit start right now.

It’s just that I find cricket BORING. Never really seen many (any?) cricket matches. The last time was during the last World Cup, India vs Holland, when one of my friends in my old school won a Pepsi contest in which kids got to lead the team to field for the toss. Unfortunately for him, Pepsi had forgotten to tell the international TV feed team to cover him (they though he was some security chap or something), so we never got to see him, but the South African feed did have him. Oh well, I never saw the match, closed the TV right then.

So while the media, and people go gaga over cricket, I’ve got nothing else to do but get bored. I mean, why the fascination? Not that out team does well (from the headlines in sports section).

And no, I don’t hate sport. I follow soccer, not boring cricket!

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Good riddance. I hope they don’t qualify. I was celebrating when I heard India lost – I sure hope they don’t qualify too, so that this mania about the World Cup, and cricket dies out.

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