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C++ Programs on GQB

By on Mar 23, 2007 in Personal | 3 comments

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I’ve come up with a new idea for GQB. I’m going to put up the code for EACH and EVERY C++ program they give at school. Yes folks, so that everyone can come, copy-paste it, and get away with a free lunch. It goes like this – since I’ve to do the work anyway, I’ll do it, and then put it here. By the Universal Laws of Laziness, I expect a significant amount of the 160+ students in the computer science sections of DPS Vasant Kunj to come here to save themselves trouble. I get more viewers, and maybe will retain some readers. Please do note that I’m NOT sending these via the mailing list, you’ll have to come here to get it.

Update: Since I have to edit the HTML code to display the characters here, please do inform me if there are any errors while displaying on my blog, or whether there are any errors in the code. Stupid Blogger, they sometimes irk me when they implement their own flawed logic on inserted HTML code, and try to display it their way. Ditto for WordPress. I could’ve gotten away at many places with the CODE tag, but these to moronic services don’t allow me to.


  1. GQ

    March 24, 2007

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    Thanks dude! As soon as you get some interesting content on your site, I’ll link back to you too!

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