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Electric ARC #12: Still Weepin’

By on Mar 24, 2007 in Personal | 4 comments

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Alas! Our chemistry teacher did not change! It’s still Mr Weepin’ who’s gonna teach. Grrr, I don’t really recollect which fool said he too had left, but when I do, I’ll snap that person’s neck off. And while I’m at it, do the same for the person who brought him here too. Sheesh, I need to record a video one day to show this guy’s class. It’s not that he’s a bad teacher, in fact he’s excellent. But somehow, his rustic attitude really does NOT appeal to me at all.

Oh, and module test coming up on 29th April. Brrr, gotta start studying for that. Now why exactly did they have to keep it so late…


  1. Prakhar

    March 25, 2007

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    Stop whining about the tests being so late or else I’ll slap you while you slap Ashok (he’s the guy telling us that Vipin sir has left).

    Could you do something about the solution book??? :)

  2. GQ

    March 25, 2007

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    Lemme see Ashok now. I do want the test to earlier for OUR good. As for solution book, I don’t think it should be given right now, because we won’t solve our packages seriously then.

  3. Prakhar

    March 26, 2007

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    i’ll kil u if u tell anyone that v dont want the solutions…

    why didnt u solve yhem during ur vacations huh????

  4. GQ

    March 26, 2007

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    FYI, I’ve solved most packages in the vacation. But, I don’t think solution set 2 should be given now since we haven’t solved book 6 set yet. Getting it beforehand will only harm US.

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