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SATisfaction #1: The Deadline Approaches

By on Apr 7, 2007 in On A Whim | 3 comments

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Buckle up folks, if you wanna give the SAT on 5th May or 2nd June this year, now is the time to fill in that application form. The deadline is 11th April for the 5th May test date, and 27th April for the 2nd June test date (I think…).

If you want to register for the SAT, go to the official website of the College Board, and do so. Since I’m gonna give the SAT Reasoning Test of 5th May, this marks the start of a new series on my blahg, SATisfaction, on the SAT. I’ll be giving resources et al, that I’m using myself for preparation. The key to SAT is speed with accuracy.

For those who’re thinking about giving the ACT, I’d say it IS good in the sense that there’s no negative marking, and that the paper seems to be simpler than the SAT. However, I must point out that SAT sends your score to four colleges for free, with subsequent ones costing $9 / $17 each. The ACT however, requires you to pay $8 for any college you need to send the score for.


  1. Ramit Singal

    April 7, 2007

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    Hey ankur!
    I gave my SAT in december 06. Managed 2160. Would have gotten more had I not gone about attempting every single question in the reading sections. Buy the official guide to the SAT…
    also try:
    best of luck
    Ramit (you may remember me as the guy from the DPS MRD quiz team at Exun finals and other places)

  2. GQ

    April 7, 2007

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    Yup. I do remember you from Exun and the other computer symposiums. Added your blog to my list of links. Decent score, which all colleges are you applying / planning to apply to? Have you given your SAT Subject Tests?

    Thanks for the link. :) I’ll be including that, and many others in this series of mine.

  3. Rach

    April 7, 2007

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    can’t make up me mind whether or not to give my sat subject tests in june or not…
    already registered for sat1-giving it in may.

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